Whiskey Stones - FAQ


How Well Do The Stones Chill Your Scotch/Whiskey/Bourbon?

Chilling your drink to the perfect temperature is what our whiskey stones do best. These stones cool your drink a few degrees below room temperature, ensuring that you get the best tasting experience possible without any dilution. Our stones are not as cold as ice cubes, in the same breath they shouldn't be compared to them. Nonetheless, using our stones guarantees an enjoyable experience and promises to enhance the flavor of your whiskey, resulting in a great tasting session.

How Big Are The Whiskey Stones?

Each rock has a diameter of 35mm (1.4 inches) and a thickness of 20mm (0.8 inches).

How Do I Clean Them?

Before using our stones for the first time, wash them with simple kitchen soap and rinse them with water multiple times until the surface is clean. For everyday use, rinsing them with warm water is sufficient!

How Should I Store Them?

It's absolutely fine to leave the whiskey stones in their hardwood tray support in the freezer - there's no problem with that! The granite stone is incredibly durable and resistant.

How Do I Use Them?

Typically, the whiskey stones are placed flat in your glass and shouldn't roll excessively. Our stones are slightly larger than those of other brands, which aids in better cooling and ensures optimal results. Additionally, the round edges of our stones prevent scratching against your glasses. We suggest using two stones per glass and hope that you enjoy the experience!